About TNUS -AMARAVATHI ( Telugunadu Upadhyaya Sangam-Amaravathi )!


Welcome to TNUS -AMARAVATHI ( Telugunadu Upadhyaya Sangam-Amaravathi )!

TNUS is an teachers organisation it works under NTR Trust bhavan HYderabad, organization with Promotion of teachers and student welfare as the primary goal.
TNUS is transparent, accountable and impartial organization. TNUS is to Create interest among the teachers and work with commitment. TNUS Inculcates rational and scientific thinking among the students and mould them as good citizens with social responsibility.
TNUS took shape to inculcate compeOtitive spirit among the rural government school students to compete with urban and private school students. TNUS works towards making the teachers accountable to the students, parents and the government. TNUS advises and pressures the Government to undertake the changes in the field of education.
TNUS Fights for universal primary education and total literacy. TNUS works for emancipation of child labour. TNUS Conducts trainings for qualitative education. TNUS Promotes secularism and national integrity. TNUS works towards improving professional competency and skill development of the teachers.


Education is to humanize the society. It must be accessible to the lowest strata of the society. It must be competent, democratic, qualitative and based upon human values. 
Teacher is the center of all the activities. He works as a catagist to transform the society by inspiring the students. Hence the constant development of a teacher has to be envicised and create barrier free environment for the change. 
There is need of systemization of the education, in which the teacher is placed in a right manner in a right place. Hence there is the need of potential organization of teachers. 
The main focus of the TNUS organization is making teachers as changing agents and strengthen them with promotion of skills and condecieve atmosphere. The teacher must involve in planning, implementation an evaluation of the programme so as to realize the objectives in qualitative manner. 
The organization has to become a platform to widen the sphere of thinking of a teacher and personality development. The teacher should update their knowledge and improve appropriate techniques in imparting knowledge to the students.
Though there are many teacher’s organizations the need has given scope for emerging of “TELUGUNADU UPADHYAYA SANGAM”.

Aims and Objectives of Organization: 

Organizing educational workshops/meetings/seminars to improve the creativity of the teachers and also necessary changes in the field of education. 
To undertake the service matters of the individual and the teacher community at large and solve their problems.
To respond and interact to the decisions of the state and central government on the problems of the employees and the teachers.
To represent the problems of the teachers and agitate on the seviority of the problems.
Undertaking co-operative societies and housing programmes for the welfare of the teachers.

Activities of the Organization:

Conducting meetings / Workshops/ Seminars /discussions / demon-strations / representations/dharnas etc. to achieve the objectives of the organization.
Fighting for the development of educational system and teachers welfare activities through independent action plan and also align with sister organizations on issue basis.
Propagating and sensitizing the problems of the teacher and education through pamphlets, publicatio of booklets
print media and electronic media and sought full co-operation of the people.
Enhancing the teacher professional competency through workshops and training.
Publication of teacher’s monthly magazine for information and advacacy. 

Social Activities

To undertake activities to address the social evils.
Supporting the people during the time of natural calamities and disasters
Conducting blood donation camps.
Sensitizing the Public to donate their eyes.
To support the poor students.
Fighting against corruption at all levels in the society.

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